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Mandatory review for holders of medium voltage installations

From Montajes Eléctricos Cuerva we would liketo to inform you that accordingto the following Royal Decrees:

-       “Real Decreto 337/2014, de 9 de mayo,  sobre condiciones técnicas y garantías de seguridad en instalaciones eléctricas de Alta Tensión

-       “Real decreto 223/2008 de 15 de febrero por el que se aprueba el Reglamento sobre condiciones técnicas y garantías de seguridad el líneas eléctricas de alta tensión

Holders of facilities Medium and High Voltage are required to perform:

-       PERIODIC INSPECTION of High Voltage Electrical Installations every Three Years  años (Transforme + Power High Voltage Lines Associates) for athorized Control Agency.

-       A MAINTENANCE CONTRACT  signed an  authorized installation company to be responsable for maintaining the high voltaje installation in proper condition and operation.            


We also wish to inform you that is in forcé Resolution of 13 July 2014, the Directorate General of Industry, Energy and Mines, the General Inspection Plans are approved in the Are of Industry, Energy and Mines for the 2014-2015. In the same is set to be held two thousand for hunder thirty-sin (2,436) inspections of facilities in  Andalusía.

The purpose of these programs is verification by the Administration of fulfillment of obligations that the relevant regulations imposed on industrial security holders in connection with the periodic inspections and maintenance. Failure to overcome these checks is assumin heavy penalties by the Administration

Along with the above, the new Rules of High Voltage Electrical Installations (Decree 337/2014 of 9 May), imposes the obligation to regularize administratively within two years installations that are in operation and their seniority, destruction of files due to forcé majeure or transfer between individuals do not have the minutes of initial operation.

As you know, Electrical Installations Cuerva is Installer/Maintainer Authorized by the Ministry of Innovation, Science and Employment to perform installation, repair, maintenane, and removal of electrical installations of low and high voltaje, with extensive experience in this type of facilities and permanent prsence in the área wher.

Therefore we can offer our SERVICES PERIODIC MAINTENANCE and facilites and other servicices related INSPECTION  so setup is fully updated and meets the necessary requirements.

Contact us at 902 283 782 or emial (, we will inform you the entire process so that your installations complies with legal requirements.