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Communication anomalies and fraud

The electrical fraud (electricity theft) is typified by the penal code as an offense or crime depending on the defraud amount,it is a reason of fine to the fraudster. This fraudulent practice causes extra charges in the electricity prices because the fraudulent energy consumed has an effect on the electric system and all of us have to pay it.

Furthemore this practice affects most cases the safety of persons, both individuals to perform fraud since neighboring, because most of those conducting these fraudulent practices do not take into a account the necessary security measures; so they can trigger damage to property.

Communication of informatin and confidenciality.

You can tell us any anomaly and/or suspected fraud in We promise you the confidentiality of the people who submit information. In the same way it will be confidential the result of the proof which would be realized as a result of the received information unless the fraud involves in legal procedures.